Ancient Warrior


Ancient Warrior Tokenomics takes 5% commission on every transaction. 3% is Burned, 1% is added to Liquidity, 1% is added to Reward Pool.
Ancient Warrior was designed to be a sustainable game. Burning transactions appearing in Tokenomics are the biggest factor in increasing the price of $AncW. The contribution of liquidity and the filling of the prize pool on every trade provides high profits for investors and $AncW.
-Name: Ancient Warrior -Symbol: AncW -Decimals: 18 -Total Supply: 20,000,000 $AncW -Reward Pool: 11,000,000 $AncW (Locked forever) -Pre-sale: 4,000,000 $AncW ( -Liq CEX & DEX: 2,000,000 $AncW (Vested - %10 unlocked every month) -Marketing: 1,600,000 $AncW (Vested - %10 unlocked every month) -Team: 1,000,000 $AncW (6 months locked. Then 10% unlock every month) -Airdrop: 400,000 $AncW (Vested - %25 unlocked every month) -Pre-sale Price: $0.075 ($REGU Holders) $0.09 (Whitelist) -Listing Price: $0.1 (PancakeSwap) -Distribution: %5 First, Then %5 every week.