Ancient Warrior

Ancient Warrior

Ancient Warrior is an NFT Game that has created its own Metaverse Universe.


It was thousands of years ago… A little girl in Iesemar was going to be born to the Almighty God called Orkein and the Archangel called Gulensa. As this little girl named Melenie was drawing her first breath, dark clouds overcasted the sky. The dark forces had surrounded the whole universe. The Archangel Gulensa was defeated against the dark forces and died. Now, the little Melenie had all her mother’s powers and she would be the Archangel. Years have passed and Melenie grew to be a strong warrior. She learned how to fight from Farsete. Farsete was the most powerful warrior in Iesemar. Very powerful indeed. The day for Melenie to become the Archangel was here. Five more gods were expected to join the ceremony. Caovner, Afhettu, Eskenam, Emtera and Amriel were there too. There was another person. Farsete, the great love of Melenie was also there. There was a magical love between them. However, Farsete was half human. The five gods didn’t want Melenie and Farsete to wed since he wasn’t descended from gods. So they made their plans and were going to kidnap Melenie the day she would become the Archangel. They had come to the ceremony to realize their plan. The only wish Orkein had was for her daughter Melenie to become happy. After Gulensa had died, his bond with Melenie was getting stronger with each passing day. Melenie went up to the White Throne and gave her speech. She was then announced as the Archangel. After she went to her room to rest for a little while, Farsete went to her room to celebrate and give her a hug. However, Melenie wasn’t there. ‘’How could this be? ‘’ asked Farsete. ‘’ She is a very powerful warrior and now the Archangel. No one can defeat her.’’ he thought and told Orkein at once. Orkein learned that the five gods had kidnapped Melenie. He was now old and didn’t have the strength to fight so he called for Farsete who was his most powerful warrior and Melenie’s great love. ‘’You must save my daughter Farsete. This is your greatest duty. If you like to marry my daughter, go and save her. However, be cautious as these gods are so powerful and won’t be easy to kill.’’ said Orkein. Farsete went ahead at once. He girded on his best weapons and set off to the deepest dungeons he thought Melenie was shut down. To save the love of his life, he had to kill five gods..

What is Ancient Warrior?

  • Ancient Warrior, RPG will start as an NFT Game in DeFi. Then the Metaverse Universe will be activated. You will be able to go on great adventures in this universe.
  • Ancient Warrior is a game where you can have fun playing and earn AncW while having fun.
  • It is based on a big story where Farsete fights against 5 Gods for his great love Melenie. Join us now to make great wars by descending into Ancient Dungeons.
  • We will have three different Dungeons: Entrance Dungeon, Deep Dungeon and Big Dungeon. The only target in these dungeons is to WIN!
  • You will not earn AncW just by playing games. You can do Stake and LP Stake. At the same time, when you become a Holder, you will earn 1% commission on every transaction.

Our Vision

  • Sustainable earnings and sustainable gaming pleasure.
  • We want to keep a user-centered game alive in a decentralized system.
  • When we move to our Metaverse Universe, there will be a Sword Shop, Armor Shop, Helmet Shop, and Blacksmith for hire with daily auction.
  • We want to reach high prices with low supply and offer our investors the opportunity to have fun while earning.

Farm and Stake

We have considered the most optimal rates for Stake and Farm. This is the best way to win for those who don't have the time or courage to play the game. Some of the P2E games have no risk at all and the payoff is low. We promise that you can fight real risks and earn high profits. If you want to be a Liquidity supporter for the growth of our project, you can farm with high APY. We will make our stake rates as high as possible.
Money rules the world. Everyone is here to make money, of course. Our aim is to entertain you while making money. Adding excitement to this monotonous life. While doing this, you will be able to stake and farm on our home page to earn passive income. Passive income is the best income for many people. See you in Dungeons with risk lovers.
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